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Make informed cryptocurrency trading decisions based on tried & tested strategies from the LCS team and our market winning signals.
Each Buy or Sell signal has an average of 13 confluence indicators based on our proven strategy to maximise your profitability and probability in order to help you make smart and well informed trading decisions.

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Discover the 6 pillars of successful & profitable trading

Institutional Analysis

Proven, reliable & Back-tested data driven signals provided by our industry leading experts based on Institutional grade analysis which deliver you superior returns that enhance your trading performance.

Educational Content

Exclusive Access to our Institutional level educational resources, webinars, tutorials & weekly market reviews plus exclusive market insights that will elevate your trading mindset and skills to that of an Institutional Trader.

Community Support

A Strong Community network of experienced traders & peers to share strategies, gain insights as well as gain personalised mentorship from our Industry leading experts, Analysts &  experienced traders.


Diversified trading with multi-asset signals covering the realm of crytocurrency and Forex Trading covering Spot & Futures trading, hedge position trading & derivatives to minimise loss from market over-exposure to meet investment goals and risk tolerance.

Risk Management

Calculated risk management assessments & portfolio diversification strategies to minimise losses by including stop-loss & take-profit recommendations, risk to reward ratio & market depth using our robust strategies which have been refined over many years of Live Trading.


Completely transparent performance tracking, Profit & Loss statements, open communication with our team & traders, ensuring you are always informed & confident in our signals which are reported monthly thru our audited results & documented track records of success.

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Our crypto trading signals are a ready-made cryptocurrency trading solution. All traders have to do is choose their trade volume and leverage.

The solution provides recommendations for the trade's direction, entry price and Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters. This feature is only available on our partner app Cornix.

If you want to take advantage of it, simply select it in the VIP Signals Room on Telegram.

A list of instruments for which ready-made crypto trading signals are currently available should then appear. Available instruments will be designated with a special icon.

To use a signal, simply click or tap the cryptocurrency you want. A trade window will then open.

To use a signal, simply click or tap the button in Cornix you want. A trade window will then open.

After that, click or tap the corresponding signal button in our partner app Cornix. In the example, this is a "Buy signal".

If you want to use the signal to open a trade or make modifications to its default parameters, click "Use signal". A dialogue window will open.

You can change your investment amount or leverage by clicking or tapping the corresponding tab in Cornix

Your Take Profit and Stop Loss levels will automatically recalculate based on the input trade parameters. After that, click or tap "either "One Click Follow" or "Follow Signal"

To manage risk using crypto trading signals, make a Stop Loss order for each open position. You can do this in the confirmation area when opening a position by selecting the Stop Loss option.

You can also make a Stop Loss order for positions that have already been opened. Set Stop Loss orders in USDT and the cryptocurrency price.

You can make the Stop Loss order a fixed part of the initial investment amount. For example, you can set ranges between 5%-10%-15%-20% and beyond. By doing this, you can manage risk in all of your trades.

Words from our CEO

The growth and rapid development of this sector has led to a lot of misinformation and rhetoric about the safety and viability of cryptocurrencies and with anything that involves investment of your time and money it requires the gathering of knowledge and understanding first and foremost in order to navigate it safely.
Myself and the team at LCS provide what we like to call an “Earn while you Learn” policy to trading these types of volatile Financial markets.
For anyone to find success in life it requires time and perseverance in order to achieve that success and the team at LCS firmly believe in the journey to Financial Freedom thru education but we also believe you can achieve those 2 goals simultaneously via our service and using our market leading signals from our Industry experts while you undertake your educational journey into the very volatile sector of Cryptocurrencies whilst also generating considerable monthly returns, which allow you to pursue your own dreams and success over those of your employer who pays you to work 9 to 5 while they pursue their dreams.
I know which version I prefer to spend me time and money on.